Brooklyn C Dining Table 150 - 160 cm M1

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$2,175.00 $3,575.00

Brooklyn C Dining Table

150 or 160 x 75 cm Velvet 32 Code Frame with Gold Trim & M1 Marble Top

The Brooklyn C Collection of Regency styled combination frame (Solid wood with velvet cover with stainless steel trim) and elegant marble top, casts a sophisticated nod to any room in your home. Designed with modest glamour in mind, the marble top surfaces are complemented by elegant fabric coated trim. 


Condition: Brand New
Category: Furniture Tables Kitchen & Dining Room Tables
Type: Kitchen & Dining Room Tables
Color: Gold, White Black
Style: Modern, Elegant, Luxe
Shape: Round
Seating Capacity:  6 - 9 Guests
Top Material: Marble
Frame Material: Solid wood, Velvet and stainless steel
Assembly: Partial Top to be placed on top and secure
  • Glides to protect floor.
  • Solid wood and Stainless steel frame.
  • Marble undergoes a special heat-pressure treatment to strengthen it for durability.
  • Levelers ensure stability on any surface and prevent floor damage.
    1. Product Dimensions (cm): 

    150 cm 150 x 75 cm
    160 cm 160 x 75 cm
    Package Weight (kg): 153 kg
    Number of Packages: 2
    Package dimensions (cm): 200cm


    • Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
    • Avoid the use of furniture polish, harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
    • Dry spills immediately with a clean cloth.
    • Use a protective pad when writing with a pen. 
    • When moving furniture make sure to always lift rather than drag.
    • For indoor use only.