How to place a customized order?


We are manufactures or direct factory warehouse, we offer wide range of custom options. Design or product name: Name of the product or simply cut and paste from our listing. Size; Cannot be customized but required. Body, material or marble color: Marble color or code refer chart, Velvet or Leather and color code refer chart. Frame or base color (select 1):   Spray Gold, Silver, Rose Gold OR Brushed finished titanium black, gold or rose gold. Each product listings has charts uploaded on the the picture. You can match same marble top on every ordered item, you can match frame color and finish on every ordered item; We help you to Design your own furniture; 

Simply email us details in below pattern and we will send you custom order that will enable you to place custom order. 


Required for every individual product

  • Design or Product Name: Cut & Paste
  • Size:
  • Body/ Material/ Marble Color:
  • Frame Color:

Information Required:

  • Name
  • Address:
  • Your Email
  • Delivery Address
  • Phone #

Once above information has been received, we will send you the custom order with the link to make payment (MUST BE PAID IN FULL). Once order has been paid we will process the order as per your request and will contact you prior to shipping (8 to 12 Weeks) but we can be contacted anytime with any questions. If you are constructing the house and will be finish later or delay, that's not a problem we can hold the shipping as per your instructions.